Thursday, May 8, 2014

A New Big Girl Room

So, again it has been awhile :) But here is my daughter's new room! I think she really loves it. I was worried when we moved into the new house that it was going to mess with her sleeping habits, not that they were that great to begin with. :) But since we moved into the new house she has probably been sleeping better than ever! She was really excited to get a "big" bed. Which was actually mine when I was little. Isn't it perfection!

I was really hoping these pictures would turn out better. I tried taking pictures three different times with three different types of lighting, but this was the best I got. Anyway, I had my husband build the cornice above her window. I really wanted the window to be the focal point in the room. I loved how it turned out! We are still planning on building a window seat below with toy storage.

The hearts on the wall are just vinyl stickers. I got the vinyl from here. Super easy! I made all the bedding. Everything except the sheets and the bed skirt. I love being able to sew and create (almost) exactly what is in my head!
The dresser was my great grandmas. I love that there are old furniture pieces in the room, but I think I gave it a modern twist by adding bright colors.

I finally framed my daughters blessing dress. I bought the shadow box a couple years ago, but never got around to painting it and hanging the dress. I really love how it turned out though.

I have way too much fun designing my kids bedrooms, but they always make me happy when I go in them and I hope they do the same for my kids!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Floor Plan

For a while now I have been dreaming of building a house. As an interior designer and someone who drafts house plans I see a lot of houses and floor plans. Over the past year or so I had been putting together a list in my mind of the things I would include in my house if we were ever to build one. I knew I wanted a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom ranch style home with an unfinished basement, and I wanted to stay around 1600 square feet. Some of the more specific things I wanted was I didn't want the master bedroom on the opposite side of the house as the kid's bedrooms. Someday, when my kids are older, that might be nice, but with my babies I don't want to have to walk across the house 3 times a night. Another specific thing I wanted was a nice master bathroom with a separate shower, tub, and a separate toilet. I think living in a house for 5 years with one tiny bathroom made me a little greedy for a nice master bathroom. :) So with all those things in mind I started looking online at floor plans. My favorite floor plan was from Eplans. It was this almost 1600 sq.ft beauty.

So I took that floor plan and started drafting it up. I changed a few things though. I took out the formal dining area and added stairs to the basement and a pocket office off of the family room. I also changed the kitchen and laundry room layout a little.

After that the plan sort of just sat for a while until we sold our house and knew we were ready to build! Then, we started to make more changes. My husband changed jobs so we needed an actual office for him to work from. So we moved some more stuff around and ended up with this.

Not much of a change, just the office and stairs moved a little. After we had that we thought about it for a while and decided we didn't like how much the garage stuck out in front of the house so much, so we moved it to the side of the house. We also decided for resale value we wanted a third car garage. So I rearranged a few things again and after a month of changes we ended up with the final product!!

This is the front elevation.

The back elevation. We have a walk-out basement.

SO, I guess my point of all this is sometimes finding the perfect floor plan involves a long process. Our builder, Guardian Homes in Idaho Falls, builds custom homes. They can start with any floor plan you find, and their in-house draftsman can make any and all the changes you want. It's really a great way to go!
And here is where our house is being built.

I can't wait!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A New Look

You might have noticed, but I'm slowly updating the look of my blog. Now that I am going to get back into blogging, I thought a change would be nice. I have A LOT to learn about blog design though, but I really enjoy doing it. Just like my interior design, I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I learn something new and actually make it work! Such as my new social media icons. I am super proud of myself for figuring those out! I thought I would give some credit to some of the help I have found in creating my new look. I found this blog post from Hey Love Designs and it has tons of info.

Michelle has combined 50 different links to posts about blogging. There is everything from blog design to promoting your blog.

To make my own social media icons I used Kira's post from A New Leaf. She also has a whole section called Primp My Blog with lots of information on blog design.

To learn how to create my own icons I used this post from IFabbo. Also very helpful.
I still have a few things on my blog that I need to update and change, but like I said before it will probably happen slowly. So please be patient with me as I educate myself in the blog design world.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Back!

Wow! So it has been almost a year since I last posted. I guess I took a sort of unintentional break. Some pretty big things have happened in 2013. In March we welcomed this handsome boy into our lives...

who now looks like this, and is 7 months old and crawling all over the place!
Being a mother of two kids is definitely harder than one, that being one of my reasons for not keeping up with this blog. :)
This crazy girl can't get enough of her little brother and will be 3 years old next month!
Another big thing that happened so far in 2013 was this:

Yep, we sold our house! We put it up for sale by owner at the beginning of June, and had two offers before we accepted the third offer at the end of July. A month later we were all moved out.

I cried... a lot. That house was like my first child and we put a lot of love into it, but after having our son we were feeling very cramped. When we bought the house we knew we wouldn't be there forever. It was a great starter house for us and we sure enjoyed every minute of the 5 years we spent there. We are moving onto more exciting things though. We are currently in a temporary living situation while we build our next home! Guardian Homes is building our next dream home and we couldn't be more excited! We spent a month perfecting the floor plan and deciding where to build, and we finally started the process and the foundation was poured last week! So, I hope to start blogging again about our building experience. There are so many decisions to make when building, and I have already made some pretty big ones, but as an interior designer I am loving being able to design my own house!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Christmas Stockings

 My husband and I have been married for 6 years and we have never done Christmas stockings. I have always wanted to get us some but the designer in me could never decide what direction to take. How do you accommodate changing holiday decorations and a growing family? My holiday decorations I have now are silver, white, gray, and gold, but what if I want to do traditional red and green someday? How many stockings do I purchase so as our family grows they all match? These are the questions that go through a designers head. I'm crazy, I know. So, with my daughter being old enough this Christmas to understand a little more about what is going on, I wanted to start some Christmas traditions, one of them being Christmas stockings. I decided to make my own, and I bought enough fabric to make additional stockings as we have more children. I even have them all cut out and in a ziplock bag ready to be sewn. :) Anyway, after all my deliberating here is what I came up with:
I went with all white stockings. That way I can change up my holiday decor and they will go with any color scheme.  I used the same linen and fur fabric for each stocking but added unique white touches to each of them. For my husbands I cut a deer head silhouette out of felt and sewed it on.
On mine, I hot glued a bunch of pearls on it. Yes, it took me a while, but I think it was totally worth it. I love how it turned out.

For my daughters, I found this really cute tulle flower trim at JoAnns. I sewed three strips of it on in a row. It would be cute to do it from top to bottom of the stocking, but the trim was a little pricey so I kept it simple. 

The last one is for our unnamed baby boy that we will meet in March, hence the no letter. I cut out a bunch of random sized circles in white felt and hot glued them on, which also took a lot of time. Speaking of the letters, I debated on whether to do mine and my husbands actual initials or do M and D for mom and dad. Since our kids will be calling us "Mom" and "Dad" I went with M and D, but I have had a few people question it, so now I am doubting myself. I would love to hear your opinions. What names do you put on your stockings?

 I am so excited with how they all turned out! I tried to keep the girl ones feminine and the boy ones more masculine. Here is the link to the pattern I used for the stockings.

And since we don't have a mantle, I just cut a branch off a bush in our back yard, wrapped an artificial evergreen garland around it, and hung it with some ribbon. A very inexpensive and fun way to hang your stockings.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Decor

I am finally getting around to posting my fall decorations for this year. This year I splurged and actually bought some decorations. All of Michael's fall stuff was 50% off, plus I had an additional 20% off coupon. So I was able to get some jar fillers, a garland, 3 bigger pumpkins, and a bag of small pumpkins all for $25! Not bad, I thought. The brass candlesticks I sort of inherited.


I like how it is not too "themey" either. It will work through Thanksgiving, until I am ready to get the Christmas out.


I love how it turned out!

Friday, October 26, 2012


I'M PREGNANT! I realized I hadn't annouced that yet on this blog. I am 20 weeks pregnant and our bundle of joy is expected to arrive sometime around March 14th. I found out this week what I am having so I wanted to share my reveal because I had fun doing it. To keep myself busy the day before my ultrasound I had some fun with my kitchen chalkboard.

Here is a before shot.

E helping me with the reveal...


We are all pretty excited around here. We can't wait to meet our handsome little man, but there are still a few months to go, so hopefully I can find some projects to keep my busy. Not that my almost 2 year old doesn't keep me busy enough. :)